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As the organisers of one of the region’s longest-running B2B MICE trade shows, Conventa, we have had a lot of experience with events.

Over the years, we have put much effort into making Conventa highly sustainable. Reducing negative environmental impacts is one of Conventa’s most important objectives. When we embarked on our sustainable path in 2009, we quickly realised we had to establish a system of constant improvements to achieve sustainable transformation. Thus, we developed our in-house CONVENTA 7R model: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Recreate, Regenerate.

We developed Planet Positive Event to address the following challenges we faced on our sixteen-year journey of sustainably transforming the Conventa trade show:

  • Disoragnised reporting standards
  • Imprecise carbon footprint calculators
  • Time-consuming data collection
  • Incomplete knowledge base
  • Poor visualization of results
  • No external assessment
  • Poor user experience
  • Not measuring regenerative effects

Our partner

In pursuit of crafting a state-of-the-art tool, we partnered with Arctur, a privately held company renowned for its cutting-edge and inventive IT solutions, with an emphasis on research and development (R&D). With over thirty years of experience, Arctur has been fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration worldwide from its Slovenian headquarters, committed to creating solutions that aim to make a significant positive impact on the world.

The R&D division of Arctur, accredited by the Slovenian Research Agency, leads various collaborative projects spanning across high-performance computing, complex applications, Big Data, and artificial intelligence, applying its expertise in multiple domains from tourism to the healthcare.

The development of the Planet Positive Event assessment tool leveraged Arctur’s Automated Assessment Tool (AAT), an in-house developed online application. The AAT, which has already facilitated the creation of over six tools, is designed to objectively assess and monitor the current status through data analysis, enhance each respondent’s maturity via personalized automated reports, and guide necessary actions while tracking their effectiveness.

Meet the green team

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Natalija Cad


Aleksandra Petrovska


Meta Pavlin Avdic

Strategic development

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