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Welcome to our FAQ page – your ultimate resource for finding answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Planet Positive Event tool, the methodology, standards, the technical instructions, and more.

Is Planet Positive Event a tool or web app?

Planet Positive Event is a web app that will audit how much your event complies with ESRS, help you measure your event’s carbon footprint and help you learn how to make your event even more sustainable.

Does the final event report comply with ESRS?

16 Planet Positive Event evaluation forms cover all 12 ESRS Standards. Our forms also include regenerative effects, which go beyond the event’s direct impact. Our tool also follows the principles of ESRS, including assessing double materiality (event organisers must report on sustainability matters that are financially material in influencing business value and material to the market, the environment, and people). In addition, Planet Positive Event demands that event organisers report on their entire value chain.

Can we enter data into the Planet Positive Event web app ourselves, or do we require external help?

Our service includes access to the online Planet Positive Event app, where you enter data for the carbon footprint measurement and answer questions that help us calculate the event’s sustainability rating. All data you enter is audited by an external assessor. Based on their confirmation, the final report is generated automatically. If you prefer, you can contact one of Planet Positive Event’s partner companies for the entire evaluation process.

Does the online app automatically calculate the final sustainability rating and carbon footprint?

Indeed, the sustainability rating and carbon footprint calculation are automatically generated by our online app. You will be granted access to the online app before the event so that you can prepare data for the calculation.

What does the final sustainability rating report look like? Is it generated automatically?

The final report about the sustainability rating is generated automatically, comprising all data needed to comply with the ESRS Standard. At the client’s request, the report can be designed following the holistic graphic image of the client’s brand. Further graphic design work is charged additionally. You can see an example of the final sustainability rating report at the following link: CONVENTA REPORT.

Do you organise a special educational course before entering data into the web app?

Before you start entering data into the online tool, we organise a brief educational course for your team. We also recommend a one-hour educational meeting with the event suppliers who will have to send you data to calculate the carbon footprint. .

How can we collect data from suppliers needed to calculate the carbon footprint? Do you have a solution for this problem?

We are particularly proud of our forms to calculate the carbon footprint. They are the first of their kind in the world. Our forms render the process of collecting information much easier. You can access the forms by registering for the Planet Positive Event’s tool.

Does your carbon footprint calculation comply with the GHG Protocol? Does the final report include calculations for GHG Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions?

Our calculations adhere strictly to the GHG Protocol standards. The final report includes the following emissions:


Scope 1: Direct greenhouse (GHG) emissions that occur from sources that are controlled or owned by an organisation.


Scope 2: Indirect (GHG) emissions (all purchased energy that is spent by event equipment or activity)


Scope 3: Indirect (GHG) emissions that arise in the value chain of an organisation (transport of employees from and to work, business trips, services, etc. - matters not owned by an organisation, yet have an indirect impact on the organisation).

Does your carbon footprint calculator follow the ISO 14064-1 standard?

We adhere to the ISO 14064-1 standard for calculating the carbon footprint, which means we follow and report on all aspects of event organising. In other words, we calculate the event’s entire lifecycle, including communication and marketing. Thus, the carbon footprint of attendees includes the time from their arrival at an event until their arrival back home. That timeframe represents an event’s lifecycle.

Who verifies and audits the carbon footprint measurement?

The carbon footprint calculations are independently audited by external assessors of Planet Positive Event. The assessors helped prepare the methodology of the calculator and emission factors. For your event, they will prepare an independent overview and write a final report and calculation. You will receive their comments in written form.

What does the abbreviation ESRS stand for?

The abbreviation ESRS stands for European Sustainability Reporting Standards. The standards identify and specify the information companies must share and report about. The information includes a company’s impacts, risks and opportunities related to environmental, societal and governance aspects of sustainability. The European Commission accepted ESRS on 31 July 2023. Companies in the ESRS framework must start writing reports between 2024 and 2028.

What does the abbreviation CSRD stand for?

The abbreviation CSRD stands for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. The directive specifies the gradual implementation of standards concerning the types of companies obliged to write sustainability reports. Companies will have to start writing sustainability reports based on their size:


1 January 2024 - large organisations with over 500 employees trading on the stock market, banks and insurance companies are obliged to report according to the NFRD Directive from 1 January 2024 onwards.

1 January 2025 - companies not included in the current NFRD Directive

1 January 2028 - large organisations from developing countries

What is the difference between one and three stars in the final sustainability rating?

THREE STARS = PRO PPE Organiser: rating from 4.21 to 5.00

Leading organisers of sustainable events


TWO STARS = MASTER PPE ORGANISER: rating from 3.41 to 4.20

Excellent organisers of sustainable events


ONE STAR = ADVANCED PPE Organiser: rating from 2.61 to 3.40

Good organisers of sustainable events


ZERO STARS = PPE BEGINNER: rating below 2.60

Beginners with an elementary knowledge of sustainable event organising.

What do the additional marks in the final sustainability rating mean?

In each category, we award additional marks based on the number of points achieved. These marks help us further position events. We subdivide events as follows:


AAA (4.76-5.00) AA (4.49-4.75) A (4.22-4.48)

BBB (3.95-4.21) BB (3.68-3.94) B (3.41-3.67)

CCC (3.14-3.40) CC (2.88-3.14) C (2.61-2.87)

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