The world’s first tool for measuring events’ sustainability to debut at IMEX

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Planet Positive Event will be a gamechanger for sustainability at events

Planet Positive Event will end fairytales in sustainability and start a new period of accurate sustainability reports by measuring the effects of events in line with ESRS Standards. Attendees of IMEX are invited to learn more about the Planet Positive Event during IMEX Frankfurt as part of the Ljubljana Talks podcast.


The responses of international event organisers and the expert public show the tool is a milestone development in certifying events’ sustainability. The platform debuted at Conventa, impressing trade show participants with its superb user experience, user-friendliness, technological advancement, and complexity. Planet Positive Event’s standout feature is regenerative criteria that measure the positive effects of events beyond carbon footprint.

You can join a talk with the creators of the tool during IMEX Frankfurt on:

– TUESDAY, 14 May 2024 at 13:30 at stand C540
– WEDNESDAY, 15 May 2024 at 13:30 at stand C540
– THURSDAY, 16 May 2024 at 12:00 at stand C540


The project leader of Planet Positive Event, Gorazd Čad, emphasised:

“The data event organisers will have to gather in the future will need to meet various qualitative criteria including suitability, accuracy, comparability, traceability and readability. That is why I wholeheartedly agree that the period of fairytales in sustainability is ending.”

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About Planet Positive Event

Planet Positive Event is a holistic web app enabling event organisers to see whether their event complies with ESRS Standards, measure their event’s carbon footprint and learn how to organise events sustainably. The result of the entire process is the sustainability rating that raises the prominence of event organisers, thus helping them gain access to capital, various forms of financing, EU tenders and insurance schemes faster. The tool was developed by Arctur, a leading high-tech company in information processing and implementing AI with the help of its in-house supercomputer in tourism and other sectors.

The essence of the tool is the obligatory and recommendable criteria and an efficient carbon footprint calculator. Event organisers conduct a self-evaluation to see which criteria they meet. The creators are particularly proud of the matrix for calculating the carbon footprint – the first of its kind in the world. The tedious process of gathering all information about carbon footprint has thus become straightforward. One of the tool’s unique features is the regenerative matrix covering all 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Before its launch, over ten market-leading companies supported Planet Positive Event. The team behind Planet Positive Event is already guiding event organisers with a 360° approach to sustainable transformation. The inspiring knowledge will be available to all partners through video educational courses and practical workshops. The creators will also establish a list of certified green suppliers and a green market for supply and demand. You can learn more about the solution on the official website:

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A game-changer in sustainability

Seven magical reasons that make Planet Positive Event a game-changer:

We follow the GRI Protocol in sustainability reporting. That is a great start, but the GRI Protocol is only voluntary and non-mandatory.From 1 January 2024, we have been following the ESRS standards, which are legally binding and will gradually encompass most EU companies.
We calculate the carbon footprint of events with imprecise and incomplete calculators. The calculation of Scope 3 emissions by the GHG Protocol is particularly problematic.The Planet Positive Event precisely calculates all three scopes of emissions and covers all GHG areas from Scope 1 to Scope 3.
We need a lot of time and effort to collect all the data, as we are unaware of the logic behind emission factors. There are no standardised forms for gathering data.Planet Positive Event covers all 9 GHG segments of organising events. Gathering data is thus straightforward and supported by understandable forms.
We follow guidelines and handbooks that are generic and imprecise. We don’t rely on science but on our gut feeling and universal suggestions.We rely on science and follow 335 tips on sustainable event organisation, more than 200 recommendations for the future and take inspiration from 9 collections of ideas for measuring carbon footprint.
In fairytales, we love to use the word ESG – one of the most used and misused terms. Unfortunately, many do not know what it means or how to measure it.The ESG matrix automatically generated in our tool clearly and transparently presents achieved KPIs and prompts event organisers to implement concrete measures.
UN’s sustainable development goals – SDG goals are part of every sustainable fairytale. However, in fairytales about events, the SDG goals are never explained.The SDG matrix automatically generated in our tool presents results clearly and transparently. It also measures an event’s regenerative effects in EUR.
There is no expert external assessment in fairytales. Opinions about the credibility of such reports come down to initiatives and biased evaluations.External assessment conducted by an independent expert assessor is a guarantee of quality. Trustworthy assessors are one of the ESRS requirements.

Who is Gorazd Čad?

A geographer by profession, Gorazd is also an entrepreneur addicted to the meetings industry, a diligent proponent of sustainable transformation in the meetings industry and one of the twelve official Slovenian EU Climate Pact ambassadors.


The internal philosophy of PLANET POSITIVE EVENT is ZERO BULLSHIT, which means goal-oriented + measurable + achievable + realistic + regenerative activities for sustainable event organisation.