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Simplify carbon footprint measurement for your events

Event organisers are now required to compile detailed sustainability reports under the CSRD Directive and ESRS Standards, involving gathering precise event data, defining value chains, integrating information into reporting systems, and employing socially responsible communication, crucial for compliance and demonstrating regenerative impacts.

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Strategic Consultancy

 ✔ preparing an event’s sustainability strategy

 ✔ preparing an event’s sustainability pledge

 ✔ preparing an action plan for sustainable event organisation

 ✔ preparing an action plan for the communication of an event

 ✔ consultancy and help in preparing a brief for external stakeholders and subcontractors

 ✔ preparing a guideline for organising events sustainably

 ✔ consultancy in the field of 16 content segments of Planet Positive Event certification (mobility, event management, communication, marketing, event venue, exhibitor equipment, ordering and purchasing, catering, multimedia equipment and production, hotel accommodation, social responsibility, natural environment, energy, waste, water and regenerative effects).

Educational Programmes

 ✔ mini workshop: intro into organising events sustainably (4 hours)

 ✔ mini workshop: how to effectively measure carbon footprint – workshop for subcontractors (4 hours)

 ✔ workshop: organising events sustainably (8 hours)

 ✔ lecture: organising events in accordance with the CSRD Directive and ESRS Standards.

✔ lecture: transformative event communication (4 hours)

We can prepare and conduct an education tailored to your company’s needs.
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 ✔ training sustainable teams

 ✔ training sustainable leaders

 ✔ sustainable teambuilding

Contact us today and let’s embark together on your company’s journey to sustainability!
Creative Solutions

 ✔ development of transformative sustainable activations at an event

 ✔ development of creative solutions for communication before, during and after an event

 ✔ development of digital solutions for sustainable experiences at the event

 ✔ development of socially responsible activities for regenerative event effects and partnership proposals

 ✔ development of an internal campaign for employees that helps promote the company’s sustainable approach and create future educational courses based on the event

 ✔ designing and producing sustainable business gifts for event attendees.

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gorazd and meta

Gorazd and Meta are here to provide support

Meta Pavlin Avdić is a journalist turned sustainability communication expert, advocating for brands to lead sustainable transformation and co-authoring standards like the Sustainable Advertising Standards.

Gorazd Čad, a geographer and entrepreneur in the meetings industry, promotes sustainable practices and is an official Slovenian EU Climate Pact ambassador.

For more information, pricing, and offers please contact Gorazd or Meta.